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Hair Extensions

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Your hair extension questions answered!

General info – Facts – At home Maintenance

As you may already know the fashion world has been hit with the

“Hair Extension Craze”

If you’re searching for a hair extension professional,

Goshi Hair Studio has put together this guide in hope you find what you’re looking for!

Hair extensions… the Beautiful V the Cheep and Nasty!

There are many types of human hair extension methods available, with just about every salon “Specializing” in human extensions, but who do you go to?

Looking at today’s hairdressing industry it doesn’t take much for your average hairdresser to attend a ½ day extension seminar, then portray themselves as an

“Extension Specialist” Scary? ... YES!!!

Unfortunately hair extensions are seen by some salon owner / managers as a great way to earn “Fast Cash” that does not help you as the client / consumer…

Choosing a more “expensive, up-market” salon does NOT guarantee quality!

So what is your first step to getting, affordable locks with 24/7 assistance?

We have trained, lectured and excelled in all aspects of hairdressing and surpass our competitors in the art of human hair extensions.

With over 15 years of in-salon experience and years of beautiful, loyal clients our passion is to create amazing hair – if that means adding hair!

There are many methods used by salons around the world, which claim to have “No Hair Damage” … Goshi’s GUARANTEE you this!

Your satisfaction and the health of your hair is our utmost concern. We shine in all 3 methods none of which use heat, waxes or glue (hot melt or cold) which have all proven to destroy your own hair and in some cases when done by in-experienced stylists can cause permanent damage to your hair and scalp.

Our techniques have been tried, tested and lived in by the creator of our “Natural Hair Attachment System” Nyssa.

It has been established (over the last 9 years) that your natural hair actually benefits from our methods.


How much do hair extensions cost?

Hair extensions range in price from salon to salon. It pays to do your homework! The pricing depends on extension methods to be applied and time taken.

Your average salon price range between $750.00 - $1500.00

At Goshi’s packages range from $369.00 - $900.00

Our packages include loads of extras like:

What type/quality human hair do you use?

Having worked with all grades of human hair, we have been more than impressed with the “Grade AAA+ Remy Cuticle Human Hair” – its texture being almost identical to the texture of your own hair, giving a flawless finish. “Cuticle” meaning that each strand of hair still has all it’s cuticle’s in line and intact (all natural fall - eliminating extreme knotting)  this allows the hair to be coloured (recommended by a professional only), Cut and Blow-dried or use your choice of heat iron on the hair without excessive drying of the hair. This hasn’t been through excessive chemical changes also keeping the true health to the hair.

Do I have to replace the extensions when they need lifting or re - fitting?

No! – Our methods are designed for comfort and quality of your hair as well as saving your pocket. The extensions usually have a life span of 5 -12 months depending on the at home care and your life style.

How often will I need to get the hair lifting or re - fitting?

Once again it does come down to personal preference and comfort, as well as life style and speed at which your hair grows. It’s recommended that the first time you have your extensions fitted the weeks are monitored, as comfort is an important factor – if you prefer your extensions when they are first applied you’ll find 4 - 7 weeks best for you, if you prefer your extensions sitting a few weeks from when they were applied you will be able to go 5 - 12 weeks (or there about).

Are there recommended home care products to maintain my extensions?

Yes! – There are many professional products available which your extensions will benefit from. These products will be included FREE in your total hair quote. They will target the health of your own hair and scalp as well as keeping the extensions well treated. A FREE paddle brush, FREE shampoo, FREE conditioner and FREE leave-in treatment pack are put together as a “product introduction.” If any further treatments or products are needed these will also be recommended. All products are hand picked for YOUR hair’s needs.

Products recommended and the reason for purchase will be explained in detail.

Please note:

Using a “Protein, Re-constructing or Repair” product of any kind on your extensions will damage the hair leaving it dry, broken and in some cases un-useable!

Daily Routine with your new hair!

A few daily helpful tips to add to your routine!

Step by Step washing guide for your extensions

  1. Gently brush hair prior to wetting.
  2. Rinse hair under running water.
  3. Apply required amount of shampoo to scalp and hair around extensions – careful not to rub extensions together. (when rinsing hair under the water will be enough to clean the extensions)
  4. Rinse hair under running water.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4.
  6. GENTLY ring out the excess water (Or lightly towel dry, depending on personally given instructions)
  7. Add small amount of conditioner and/or treatment to palms and spread evenly through mid-lengths and ends. (Remember not to rub the extensions together)
  8. Once conditioner/treatment has been on for desired time, rinse thoroughly.
  9. You can leave your hair to dry naturally or dry and style as needed. (If you have been given a leave-in treatment/conditioner apply it to your clean, damp hair at this stage)